Take a moment, open your eyes and slowly lift your head up.    

There is a lot of heartbreak and also a lot of joy, in order to embrace both we need more healing in the world.  

Sometimes, the most difficult part about healing is finding practical processes that are accessible and sustainable during different seasons of your life.
Healing shares stories of grief, joy, heartache, triumph and radical self-care as a site and source tool for more breath, more space, more connection, more energy and more time to just be with yourself and in community to heal and be well. 
Are you a(n):
Facilitator of Liberation
Social Justice Advocate
Community Leader
Voice for Change
Emotional Laborer
and want to interrupt and dismantle the effects of  
You may be experiencing what feels like non-stop heartache and pain, perhaps you sometimes long for total numbness or to disconnect from the world. 

The problem with feeling completely numb it also cuts you off from feeling joy.  

It’s just like when hot and cold water run from the same faucet, so does joy and pain. You can’t get one without the other.

In Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care, Dr. Joi Lewis, radical self-care and liberation coach, offers a powerful framework for all who want to uncover their heartbreak and reach for deep and meaningful connection. 

The remedies in Healing will help you confront every aspect of your life that demands radical self-care. Dr. Joi’s life-changing Orange Method (OM) inspires you to interrupt historic cycles of oppression and fully reclaim your humanity using practices for both self-care and community care. Healing is a path to transformation when your back is against the wall and you’re buckling under the weight of everyday life.  

Joy is possible and unlimited. It’s also worth reaching for. Healing is the beginning of your restorative journey back to you, your community, and your greater yet to be.
Radical Self-Care requires your ultimate health, not just your ultimate sacrifice.

“At this stage of the assault we see on black life, this book is a beacon, a light and a call, take care and more urgently take self care. We need you to show up but most importantly we need you to show up well rested. Dr Joi D Lewis reminds us of this call with such elegance and fierceness you can’t help but be shook.”  
Keno Evol - Executive Director Of Black Table Arts, The Because Black Life Conference

“I have often said ‘Freedom is not a secret. It's a practice.’ The same could be said for JOY! In this book Dr. Joi offers tangible practices to show up for our own joy through the variable and often difficult circumstances we all face. This book is good medicine that doesn't expire.” 
Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, founder Brilliance Remastered

“The simple quick, effective, and powerful tools in this book are absolutely critical for anyone who is fighting for racial justice and gender equality.”

Luz María Frías, President and CEO of YWCA Minneapolis

Introducing the Revolutionary and Radical Healing Method:
  • Meditation              (get grounded)

    The act of quieting the mind and spirit to clear space and create a foundation for doing one’s work.
  • eMotional Liberation (get free)

    The release of energy that has been trapped by historic and present-day trauma
  • Mindfulness (get present)

    The process of being fully awake and present in guiding one's life and work
  • conscious Movement (get unstuck/get going)

    Deliberate actions that shift both minds and bodies, as well as values and organizations
Access to more healing and radical self-care is waiting for you.  
"Radical Self Care is Not the Way Out, It's the Way In" 
Dr. Joi Lewis
About Dr. Joi Lewis
“Dr. Joi” Lewis is the CEO and Founder of Joi Unlimited Coaching & Consulting and the Orange Method. Her work is deeply informed by growing up in East St. Louis, Illinois, and is grounded in social justice and healing justice. As a “bodyworker” for the collective body (systems) and individual bodies (self), Dr. Joi (as many fondly call her) is a community and cultural healer who holds space for the discovery of critical pressure points for liberation and healing from trauma through radical self-care. 

Dr. Joi is a highly sought after consultant, coach, and facilitator of liberation locally, nationally, and globally. After a 20+ year career in higher education, she now describes herself as the “Artist-Activist formerly known as Dean Lewis.” She is an unapologetic joy instigator, a certified Kemetic and hot vinyasa yoga teacher, and a leader of meditation and mindfulness. Dr. Joi believes in interrupting oppressor patterns (including her own) with loving kindness so we can reach for our own humanity and each others’. She has a daily practice of trying to “live” fully in her own body. She claims the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota, as her adult home.
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You can help us “put healing in the hands of anyone, anywhere,” by supporting our Buy ONE, Give ONE Campaign (BOGO). We will select organizations, institutions, schools, and communities who’s healing from historic and present day trauma would be supported by this book. All you need to do is purchase an extra book and we will get it to the right folks. If you know of organizations or communities we should consider, please send us a note at info@joiunlimited.com. This is how healing gets started - by helping one another along the journey. 
Experiencing trauma and heartache can take a very long time to start feeling some relief and spaciousness. Healing is an important tool you need to help your mind, body, and soul renew from the inside out and get you closer to the the life you want to live in the world you want to create. 
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